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I was a little behind on my payment. I recieved one call saying i was out for reposion for $75.

they didnt give me time to go and pay it. I had sent a payment of 250 a couple of days before and they recieved it five days later. After they repossed my car they would not take the payment i had sent them as part of my repossion fees. it was almost $2500 II had to pay to get my car back.

They claim they have tried to contact me several times. When I had only talked to them once. ONce the car was reppossed they will not talk to you at all. I think this is the worst finance company EVER.

When they call you they act like you arent trying to pay them or anything else. When you get behind tehy wont do anything to help you get caught up or give you an extention.

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