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I have had the worst customer service from nuvell than any other company EVER! They told me if I made a payment today then I would not be charged a late fee, well it turns out it doesn't matter if you make the payment when they say or not you will be charged a late fee.

And I have never had a late payment with this company EVER and I was 10 days late and you have a 10 day grace period but I still got charged a late fee! No one even speaks English there. Do NOT DO NOT DO NOT let them finance your car.

HUGE MISTAKE! Or you will never have any idea whats going on and they are so completely rude!

Monetary Loss: $22.

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I totally agree. This company is not what it seems to be.

My payment is due on the 5th. I tried to pay it on the 4th , it was blocked out !!That doesn't make sense. I will never finance anything through this company.

It is sorry!!!!!!! My last payment was due in June, now somehow it is December !!!!*** COMPANY


I called them once and the non english speaking *** pulled up someone else's SS# and posted my payment to it, then charged a late fee because they put it to the wrong account!! they need to go back to thier own country and get a life!!!! Thats why all of us Americans are out of a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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