Our loan was for 72 payments. We did have to use 4 extensions during the life of the loan due to a hurricane and some medical expenses.

Nuvell tells us we must pay 81 payments since we had 4 extensions!! ALSO, any money I paid over my regular payment was applied as a late charge when my payment was NOT LATE!!!! Never in my life, have I ever dealt with such a rotten company.

After looking at all of the complaints against this company it seems like this company should be audited!!!!!!! I will never buy a gm car again

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Nuvell is the worse company i have ever dealt with i bought a car in Nov 05 for 72 months. I have deferred 3 payments which means i should owe only 15 payments left but looking at my account it says i owe 23 don't no where they learned to add but they must have failed that part of the class and can't get anyone to answer my questions. Will never deal with this company again.


I hate Nuvell even if I was only one day late on my payment They keep calling me at work. I am not allow to take personal calls unless is an emergency. I toll them but they didn't care.


I totally understand what you are saying. Nuvell did the same thing to me.

I had extensions due to Hurricane Katrina. I called them recently thinking that I had 10 payments left to make on my car only to find out I have 17. Not even sure if the car will last that long. I was told that the payments would be added onto the end of the lease.

Didn't know that they would refinance and then add on the payments. Really not good business.

I will never ever by a GM or do business with NuVell again. I can't wait to get rid of the car!!!

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