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You are right you cant get online half the time to pay your note. When you need help they act like you shouldn't be asking them.

After Katrina when everyone else was setting payments up , they would not even talk about it . Nuvell charges a very high interest rate and will not work with you at all. Then when you call in you get these people that want to live in our country but dont want to speak english. I wont even talk to them I will ask for an english seaking person.

One thing I cant understand them. The most aggrevating thing is getting online with them . And if you get a payoff today then make a note and get another payoff its higher than the last one you got. Can anyone explain that one to me .

How you pay on something and instead of going down it goes up. Dont understand that one .

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Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria #66690

I agree! I called last week (after the site has been down for month or so already) only to be told that there has been a workorder put in.

And NO,,,she cannot give me an estimate of when the site will be back up.

Nice. :|

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