Granite, Oklahoma
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Nuvell update there website in December which wiped out everyone's account online.I tried to get register back on to make my payments on line With no success. It is now Feb 23 and it just not got fixed.

On top of this they want to charge late fee because payment was not made on time due to the website. I have paid my payments on time for 4 years and because of there screw up now they want me to pay $72.16 in late fees. then they told me I could have pay $20.00 phone payment. I asked why pay that if I could get online I could do it for free.

The customer service rep was very rude.

I do advise do not do business with this company. I was a loyal customer up until today but after today I will get the word out DO NOT USE NUVELL FINANCIAL, They are not loyal to there customers they rip you off!!!!!!!


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aren't you aware of your due date? you should be responsible enough to settle for other payment options if necessary... you signed a contract stating that you'll send your payments on time...

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