Nuvell Financial Services - Ignorance

Dallas, Texas 0 comments

We speak to customer service set up online payments then they don't pull the payments out and call us harassing us to pay the payments. Why are they telling you to set up payments online if they are not going to withdraw the payments.

Then they harass and call you constantly and you're speaking to people from who knows what country. I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!

They tell you to set up payments and then they call and tell you your account is past due, then they want you to money gram which costs extra money. Horrible company never finance through them!!

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Nuvell Financial Services - HORRIBLE!!

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I've had to make late payments and even tho they're getting their money, they continue to harass me throughout the day! When you do try to talk with them, they're just mean and don't care what you tell them because all they want is their money!

And I'm talking late fees! I've been on disability due to a transplant and atleast I'm paying. True, its late, but they're getting paid!

I'm so tired of their threats and wondering if each time I hear a truck it's them coming to take my car. I hope the saying, "What goes around comes around" is true because those ignorant *** need good ol karma to *** them in the ***!!!

Nuvell Financial Services - Late Charges for 1 day

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This company charges over $2.00 for 1 day past the due date..This is ridiculous..this could happen for any number of reasons. They have no grace period like any other lender of 5 days.

I am almost paid off ..I hope I do NOT have trouble obtaining the title as others have had! I pay online and the bank sends the money.

If its in a week there is a holiday or if there is a weekend there is a chance the payment does not get there exactly on the day and I get charged a late fee for 1 or 2 days. This is ridiculous for someone who has paid regular each month.

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Nuvell Financial Services - Have not report to credit bureau

Richmond, Virginia 1 comment
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Paid 15,800 called when I could not pay any further. They sold at auction for 8,900 remaining amount owed.

Paid in full!! still have not clear or reported.They picked it up and nothing else was said or done.

Trying to buy a house and no help.....Truck was 25,988 and they say I still owe 15,000 no way help help help help help help -They also tried to charge me extra financial charges when they did not pull payment off internet for two months because they were having computer problems. help help help help help help help help help help

Monetary Loss: $15000.



I just got served with court papers for like the 4th time threatening to take property, including t.v.'s and stuff. Taxes too.

They have been harassing us for about 10yrs.

Repossessed it, auctioned it, and sued us for a remaining $10,000 when the loan was only $12,000 total to start with. Now with "interest" for a vehicle we haven't owned in 10 yrs has added up to $25,000

Nuvell Financial Services - Invoiced More charges after payoff sent

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January 20, 2013 I called Nuvell and asked for a final payoff amount on my vehicle. I furnished all identifying data and was told $968.04.

I had the Middle Eastern woman repeat the amount twice more before stating, "When I send you the Nine Hundred Sixty-Eight Dollars and Four Cents, I will receive my title, correct? There'll be NO MORE MONEY due! This is the correct amount?" She replied it was. On the 21st of January, I mailed the payoff.

February 23, 2013, I received a bill from Nuvell for $36.14.

I called and talked to a supervisor by the name of Hazel (she refused to give her last name, "for security purposes, you know". I asked about the $36.14 and reviewed my Jan. 20th conversation and the fact I had been assured there would be "no more money due". Hazel couldn't explain, but did say "when you talked before, you were told the payoff was $966.04.

HUH? "Then why did I receive an invoice for $36.14?" "I don't know sir", Hazel replied. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told a supervisor would not talk to me; however, someone would call me back within 36 - 48 hours.

Yep, you guessed it. No one has bothered to call.

Monetary Loss: $36.

Nuvell Financial Services - Did not honor refund on time

Highland Park, Texas 2 comments

On Feb. 1st I called Nuville to ask for an extension on my auto loan.

The person that I spoke to assured me that no money would be taken from my bank account. I was informed to send in $50 & everything would be done. I called again on Feb. 7th to check on everything and was told that an extension had not been accredited to my account.

In other words nothing had been processed. I asked to speak to a supervisor & she assured me that she would take care of the situation. She also said that she would get it processed before Feb. 22 nd.

When I called my bank I was told that Nuville had already taken the payment out of my account. They lied to me and took a full payment despite my request for an extension. The supervisor didn't do her job and neither had the other two reps that I spoke to. On Feb.

22nd I spoke to another supervisor who said I would not get a refund until 3-5 more working days! These employees are *** dumb *** who don't give a *** about their customers. I will take them to small claims court for my pain & suffering! I will never finance anything through this company again!

If you value good customer service then don't use Nuville or Ally! They are unprofessional!

They are poor examples of business! There answer to everything is "I'm sorry" and yes they ate sorry!

Monetary Loss: $630.



Take your meds sue happy ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

to Anonymous #796860

Why don't you keep your comments to yourself. Hope you have financial trouble sometime then you I can make rude remarks about your troubles *#*#*#*#. :(

Nuvell Financial Services - Credit reporting years later!!!

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This *** company is ridiculous!!! i just wanted the contact info because i can't get them to update the info from all the chaos i wanted to forget!!!after reading all this *** they are still doing and my 16 year old daughter remembering us almost losingour house over a GD car, and the pain it caused her at 9 and 10 years old and how it ultimately led to the break up of my marriage, my Lupus to re activate, and me now even though the *** car was paid off in 2010 i just lost a job because i am an insurance agent trying to get my series 6, and a chance at to secure a future for my girls i have had it!!!!

they are in for the ride of their life!!!

they are going down!!! They just screwed with the wrong Irish/Cherokee red head with ties to the auto industry...


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #601072

Sure thing DEADBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll

Nuvell Financial Services - Reposession

Big Spring, Texas 1 comment

i got my car repossed for non payment. It was picked up on Thurs last week.

It took me 2 days to speak to a person at the redemption center from 7am-7pm both days being on HOLD to do that. Once i got someone the amount requested was unrealistic for payment $3000+ and thats not even the payoff on the loan!!!! Then i spent another 2 days trying to obtain information on where and how to pay the amount we agreed upon to do so. I called today and was on hold for 1.5 hrs and was told i had to call back because there was no one in the office to speak to me and that my car maybe moved and i may have additional charges ontop of the 3000+ to pay.

Geez they really dont intend to help you get your car back. Fees ontop of fees!!!! This is ***!!! I am only 6 pymnts shy of paying off the loan.

The balance on the loan is only 3000+ and ill still have to pay that in addition to what they said.

Review about: Chev Truck.

Monetary Loss: $3401.



Judy Martin said:

I have a friend who has paid $33,000 over 6 years on a $16,000 loan and due to your usury, has a payoff amount of $3400. She is unemployed and her husband was laid off. She was told "too bad" and the people told her she was charge DAILY finance charges. How do you get away with this? I am trying to help her, and plan on exposing your horrible practices, I am paying for her to get an attorney. I will write letters to the editor, and put notices on-line to expose you--

Bud said:

I am paying on a vehicle thru unveil and I pay when I want to. Why don't they threaten me with repossessing my vehicle? OH, could it be because we bailed their *** out. I have already bought a Toyota and will only own a Ford made in America. I hear they need 50 billion again. I am going to try to make myself pay my notes. I don't know if I am really that ***. I am late on every payment and my credit is great.

JACKIE said:

YES TRUE TO THAT, we are paying twice the amount that the car is worth.... when they call and ask what color is the car. and they will not make any assurance on what will happen. it is their way to SCARE YOU. what i did was call the department for repos. and their answer was " DONT LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU, your car is not in danger of it being taken back" . so my message is just like the repo department said "DONT LET THEM THREAT YOU".

debra chapa said:

i made three payments in janurary and at this moment i have heart problems and have not paid august. they said i have used up all my extensions as one being moving my pay date and now that i owe for august and now september they are telling me they will repo my car. i told them i can make one payment on the 30th and he said no that i will be getting a cure letter. do these people not understand that im trying and a change in a paydate should not be considered an extension. i only get 674.00 and my car payment is 496.00 and he tells me this is a business agreement not a personal but if it were him he would understand. i need my car to go to the dr and im trying to pay.

Tanda said:

My car was paid off through my Chap. 13 bankrutpcy plan in January, I have still not received the title to my car! The trustee has requested it 3 times! What do you have to do to get the title. I'm beyond frustrated and since I've been researching Nuvell I see that they have a pattern. Not sure anyone at Nuvell reads these post or the complaints against the company but I feel a little better knowing that I am not alone in this problem

Renee Washington said:

I have a loan with Nuvell for a 2005 Montana. When I got the car I was working two jobs one I loss in Nov 2009 because of the ecomony. Almost at the same time I was diagnosed with stage three cancer. I called them to make arrangements to see if I could refinance the last year payments at a smaller amount to help be be able to pay my copays while I was in treatment. They refused our family has bought nothing but GMAC products for six generations and we the people bailed your company out when you were in crisis, my taxes helped you and you will not help those who have supported you over the years. Tell me why we bail you out?

Tiffany said:

I am now 62 days behind and I have offered a 300 payment for today but offering payment to be made on dec 9 and dec 16th but these people are not accepting that. Idont know what to do! they are crazy and are threatening a repossesion which I dont understand why since im offering these payments. the lady i talked to claimthey need money by tomorrow!

cadilac djl said:

I too am having a diffucult time contacting these people just to see how ,where and when I will receive my title. My car has been payed off 3 yrs. I have no contact number to call and discuss this matter to.

cali said:

i have been disdosed with cancer. i have been out of work and trying to catch up on my three months in carnote. the people at nuvell talk to u *** u are nit a humzan being. i can make a payment on the 1st of june and another on the on the 10 the june that would put me 1 month behind. i do to go back to work on the 19th of june. its hard and i need the car to go back and forth to my cancer treatment. yes i have used up my extension.i Have had this car since 2008 and i hope that national can give me alittle help. i wouldnt just not pay for something thats not mines.

Tariq Ali-Bey said:

In 2012, Ally, settled part of Szymoniak’s suit for $95 million as part of a $25 billion national mortgage settlement. Despite settling out of court, none of the banks admitted wrongdoing. Nuvell is a subsidiary of Ally and if you go on Ally's website they advertise that they securitize wholesale and retail, new and used car loans. When a loan is securitized, it is no longer a becomes a stock. There are some elements surrounding the practice of securitization: 1) unless the consumer is informed at the time of signing that an investment trust, using their name, is going to be established, fraud due to non-disclosure voids the contract; 2) when a consumer signs a sales contract for a home, car, loan, or credit card, their signature produces the funds for the loan because the banks can't loan their credit or depositors money, so the bank accepts and deposits the application and, according to GAAP, it becomes cash so, actually, you have made a deposit into the bank and they have loaned you NOTHING!; 3) once a loan is converted to a stock by securitization, no debt exists, no loss has been suffered by the bank and no claim can be brought into court to recover damages; 4) the profits made through the sale of asset-backed securities are not disclosed to or shared with the consumer despite the fact that the consumer has a claim for the funds and; 5) Rule 17 in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure states that all cases must be prosecuted in the name of the real-party-in-interest. Your loan is part of a bundle of loans that is owned by thousands of investors. When the bank names itself as the one prosecuting the case, they are committing fraud. That's all folks!

Nuvell STOLE my car in 2005 after I wrote them a letter demanding that they prove that they loaned me money. When a consumer requests or demands proof of such, the account freezes until such proof is provided. They did not respond for ninety days, said the loan was defaulted, and drew me into a legal battle. To make a long story short, the STOLE my car without having won a judgment and refuse to answer any questions about their fraudulent practices. I'm going to file a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for violation of Section 5 of their which says: Federal Trade Commission Act Section 5: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices Background Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act) (15 USC 45) prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce. The prohibition applies to all persons engaged in commerce, including banks. Under section 8 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, the Board has the authority to take appropriate action when unfair or deceptive acts or practices are discovered. Responsibilities for enforcing the prohibition against unfair or deceptive practices as they apply to state-chartered banks are spelled out in a joint statement issued on March 11, 2004, by the Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance corporation. That statement, which is included as an appendix to this chapter, describes in depth the legal standards for unfair and deceptive acts or practices, discusses the management of risks relating to unfair or deceptive acts or practices, and provides general guidance on measures that state-chartered banks can take to avoid engaging in such acts or practices, including best practices.

Legal Standards

The legal standards for unfairness and deception are independent of each other; depending on the facts, an act or practice may be unfair, deceptive, or both. The legal standards are briefly described here.

Unfair Acts or Practices

• An act or practice is unfair where it:

• Causes or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers;

• Cannot be reasonably avoided by consumers, and;

• Is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition. Public policy, as established by statute, regulation, or judicial decisions, may be considered with all other evidence in determining whether an act or practice is unfair.

Deceptive Acts or Practices An act or practice is deceptive where:

• A representation, omission, or practice misleads or is likely to mislead the consumer;

• A consumer’s interpretation of the representation, omission, or practice is considered reasonable under the circumstances and;

• The misleading representation, omission, or practice is material.

They sold my SUV for $10,000 at an auction and are claiming that I owe them over $17,000. They have my signature on the loan application that has been converted into a stock that they're making money on as the servicer, they got my $2,000 down payment, they got, two years of $600/month payments, and they got the money from the auction sale despite the fact that they never loaned my any money because they create money out of thin air. In legal terms, that is unlawful conversion and unjust enrichment. I'm suing!!!!

So should you!

Nuvell Financial Services - Nuvell

Miami, Florida 0 comments

These people are uncaring abusive jerks! My son has a loan thru Nuvell and they have been a pain from the start.

When he lost his job and called to see if he could get an extension he was told they don't do that if you don't have a job?! WHAT???? He asked because he needed help trying to keep up with his bills, but NO, Nuvell does not care one bit about their customers and will not work with you. Even if they do it will only make matters worse.

I even hate to think of all the "extra" charges they have tacked on to his amount owed. The worst thing is now they are calling me every day (even at my place of employment) and are so rude!

I finally had to block their number. I am sooo sick of this company.

Nuvell Financial Services - Cheated out of my title - crooks, crooks, crooks

Washington, District Of Columbia 3 comments
Not resolved

Financed my care and paid it off. Had some hard times and made some late payments, but I was told my car was paid off but I owed almost $5000.00 in late charges.

They would not give me my title sent it to some collection agency to hold until that money was paid. I have not made another payment since then but I cant get my title. Someone hit my car years later, insurance tells me that Nuvell is still listed as a lien holder on the vehicle although I have not made a payment on that care in at least 4 years or longer. NUVELL IS NOTHING BUT CROOKS, CROOKS, CROOKS!!!

Someone needs to do something about this. Does anybody know how I can get the title to my care?

Review about: Late Charges.



Well we paid our truck off in Jan.2012 and still no title and yes we did read our contract. They keep telling us that our title is in B.A.Maryland.

I asked them to overnight it and I would pay for it still no title.Now whatthey are the ones not holding up on the contract and they have been bought twice and I can see why!!! They should be shut down for being crooks!!!!


Sir, I will bet that if you read your contract, any late fees incurred are part of your debt, hard times or not, so you would need to pay those off to satisfy your lien. Your car is not paid off if you still have penalties against you. Have fun with the collections agent!


A similar situation happened to my father. He went into bankruptcy and the vehicle was being paid on but as soon as he came out of bankruptcy Nuvell said he owed 4000 on the truck and he either had to pay that in full or surrender the truck! ABSOLUTELY not, this truck was paid off!

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