Reading all these posts is like reading my own story. My car loan was to be paid off June 2011.

I had 6 deferred payments due to two different lay offs during the five year car loan(Jan'06-Jan'11) making my last payment June 2011. They are saying I owe six more payments in the amount of $1600(Jul'11-Dec'11) and will not send me any information on what this money is owed for. I have had their customer service reps hang up on me, managers lie to me and say they are mailing me the information . .

. .How and why they have not been completely disbanded from practicing consumer loans is beyond my belief. Instead they are allowed to be bought by another company, and their business carries on. They have now sent my account to Assest Recovery program to either get the money or repo the vehicle.

Maybe they can get the information for me on what 6 additional payments are for. I am hopeful they are going to help me resolve this 100% negative situation.

If I owe the money, I owe the money, but send me proof of what I am paying for! I hope this helps anyone considering a car loan with this company and is diverted by reading all these posts.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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can anyone tell me how long nuvell has to come repo your car after you tell them in court to come get it because you are fed up and you tell them exatly where the car is. someone please answer if you know we would like to either get the car out of our yard or see what our other options are. thank-you very much any help is appreciated.


I had six payments deferred on my loan also and could not get a sufficient answer from them on the additional 6 months of extra payments of top of that. I filed a complaint and they mailed me a complete break down of where the supposed charges came from. You will have to pay up or get repossed.

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