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I pay my on time every month with Nuvell. Two months ago I get a collection letter from Regional adjustment bureau demanding payment for 4,400 in full.

What??? I just made a phone payment last week with my Nuvell Rep. I was informed that my payment location closed down. It was bad enough my credit reports inaccuratley shows negatives "3".

I have my records - but the collections rep said over 10,000 customers accounts were handed over. Must I mention that I have received ugly collection type calls over this account? My payment are due on the 9th of each month. I pay around the 25 (early) They harass me by saying my payment is late - because they didn't receive payment for over 30 days.

I am an office accountant!! I haven't gotten ugly yet - but its coming. 10,000 people is a good class action lawsuit.

Nuvell is a subsidiary for GMAC. No wonder your in trouble GM - you can't conduct business.

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If there's a class action law suit, I want in on it. This company is my worst nightmare. they keep backing off my payoff date telling me i owe more payments even though my payments are made on time.



WILL NEVER BUY A GM car or use their financing again! Called beginning of the month to request a payoff.

Said I should get it within a week by mail or within 48 hours posted to my account online. But I get a call today telling me I can't get a payoff until I pay a $200 balance. WTF?? ANY bank should give a payoff no matter what is owed.

Asked how they came up with the $200 balance anyway, when I was told only a little over $700 was owed at the end of June and payments of $700 were made in the month of July. I am not a math wizard bay far, but I can do simple interest.

They are screwing people royally. I'll pay their freaking money, but next time I need a car, I'll run to the nearest Ford or import dealer before I buy anotehr GM product and get screwed once again.


Traded in my car. Nuvell continues to harass me for the payment, threatening that I'm late and going into credit bureau.

THEY RECEIVED PAYOFF 2 WEEKS AGO, but since payoff was short by $3, payoff dept is not crediting my account.

So collections is calling demanding the monthly payment, telling me the computer will automatically report to credit bureau for being 30 days late as of yesterday because payment is not posted and there is nothing they can do to help me. I have never been late in the 3.5 years I have had their loan and they won't even be fair to a good customer.


nuvell is terrible they are cheaters and liars contacted attorney


Yes Nuvell sucks, the day after payment due, the phone calls start!!! and if they cant get you they call references.

They call you at work sometimes you get calls one right after the other. I had a phone conference with court they called right before the court did....i politely told the foriegn person that i would be glad to put him into a 3 way call with the court system and we could discuss what he wanted to discuss when the judge was not talking, he politely hung up on me. I hate nuvell as much as the rest of you, but have found a way to *** them off as much as they *** me off. When i talk to them i talk finances and and ask them questions they have a hard time answering.

like if my interest rate is 13.95% why are your calculations much higher than what mine are? shouldnt they be relatively the same? they figure it out and tell me what they got that matches my numbers so i ask them then why is it you are not telling me what i am paying in interest every month on your statement, thats when i usually hit them with well if you cant answer maybe the fair credit reporting angency can answer that question, wait let me check my email they may have gotten back to me on that question. they just then ask when i will be sending in the payment.

I have this theory on creditors, If your going to *** me off with calls and alot of them. I am going to ask you why you are trying to screw me and nuvell is doing just that. If you let them know that you know how to figure your finance charge on what you balance is, it freaks them out and they are more willing to help you, for 4 years I have been trying to change the due date on my loan and have gotten every possible run around from that company, like you have to pay on time for 6 months and then call us and we can change it for you, then you get someone else and they say you cant do that its just one run around after the other. They have gotten me to a point that i purposely pay them a little late, and when they call i tell them if they want the car, come get it, cause i owe twice what it is worth and you can take me to court, i will take a judgement that allows me to pay what i want when i want, i dont let them know it bothers me, that is what bothers them the most.

sometimes it just fun to *** off those that have pissed you off. I take my credit seriously but how can you with a company that just wants to ***, if anyone reads this hope it helps you *** nuvell off


Has anyone gotten up to 2o+ calls a day regarding their account? I have.

I am late by 10days on my account, however, I think that causing my phone to ring 20+ times a day is alittle overboard. I left my phone in the car one day, after work check it, sure enough 22 calls. I called them and said I understand I am 10 whole days late, not 30, not 60 not 90, but 10 TEN days, why was there 22 calls on my cell phone and maybe 3 messages???????????? they denied it, I called my cell phone carrier.

I have proof.

this happens regularly. is there anything we can do?


i know what you mean i have also had a run in with a manager named dawn banks, she works at the little rock location , i dont even know how she still has a job


i agree nuvell is something else they also have very crooked manger working with them. i talked to her last week regarding my acct i have ran into financial troubles with my account due to the economy .

i wanted an extension the said that i had run out of extends . i requested a manager and i was transferred to a manager named dawn banks, she was one of the most rude people i had ever spoken with.

from the time she got on the line i could tell i was going to have an unpleasant experience . you could tell from the start she did not feel like talking before the call was over she had hung uo in my face.


I talked to a girl name Ebeny and she gave me an extension then one week later she charged one payment for the amount of $525.00 and i called her then she put her supervisor on the phone. After like 10 times repeating to me how there system work he tells me that we have no more to say to each other.

I asked to talked to Ebeny and he refused to put her back on the phoen.I told him that i never set up a payment arrangement with Ebeny and he told me that he is not going to refund me my money back since i was still late one month.I went to my bank and ended up getting my money back.

These people are sooo wrong. :(


I have a contract for 72 months which was signed in June 2003. First payment Aug 2003.

I spoke with a customer service rep this week who informed me that I still have 11 payments remaining. It was explained that this is a simple interest loan. No where in my contract does it state this. My contract states 72 payments of 363.00.

I did obtain a 2 month extension back in 2005 so at most this should be a done deal in October. How is this possible that 72 months become 83????


I have been a good customer since 2004, was granted a 3 month extension due to health issues. Last week I was called and told that my account was in repo and if I did not come up with those 3 payments and send them moneygram that day the car would be put out to a contractor for pick up.

At the time of the extension I was given a confirmation number and relayed that information to the nasty woman on the phone. She informed me that at anytime they could call in the extension and if I didn't have the money that day I needed to tell her where the car was and who was driving it. She gave me a number to call her back but when you enter her extension 11124 it tells you that this number has been changed to a different 1-888 number.

The call is tranferred and no one knows who she is or who could help. Instead of bailing them out someone should be investigating their practices.


I made my car payment and then 2 days later I get a call from the high risk collections dept. that I was behind and demanding payment.

I told the rep I had paid online and gave the confiramation number from my printed receipt. It has been a week. I called 4 different numbers and spent over an hour on the phone being switched from nuvell to gmac and back again. All they tell me is "we will note your account" that's good but, doesn't help me when they start collections on me and repo my car.

I was refused a supervisor and told I could not could not contact anyone other than thei customer service.

They switched their computer systems over the weekend and lost my account and payment. And I can get no help.


I was told by nuvell that after 6 months of credit with them, GMAC would pick me up. Over 1 year and still paying high interest. I feel cheated.


Nuvell bad business. Over charging it's consumers.

Refuse to give payment history, coporate telephone numbers, or managers name and ext. When asked to speak to a manager they say okay and hang up the phone.

What is even worse my statement does not match what I owe each month. I was told that my loan is due on the first of every month, in (which it was always the 31 )and I pay on the thrity first I have to pay $436.01 EXTRA A MONTH.

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