Nuvell (Ally) Credit Company provides inaccurate payment amounts. I called to see what my total amount that would be due to catch up on my account ...I wanted exact breakdown and asked them many times if it was correct.

I was given specifics on dates and future date that would be paid. Then a month later I get a bill indicating past due for a payment that I was told was going to be paid. I contacted them today and they indicated that it was just a "quote" and they didnt know at that time what the exact amount was going to be and now they do. DO NOT use this company the customer service is the worst I've seen.

I even tried to work with Nuvell when I lost my job and was not late on payments until then.

THEY WOULD NOT work with me and wanted to charge me more for requesting a skip payment. I strongly recommend not financing with Nuvell or Ally!!!!!

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The people are rude....telling me the car will be taken when I am only a few days late!

This is enough to justify NEVER buying a GM vehicle again...


I totally agree. These people are so rude.

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