This company must be professionally for ripping people off. Of all the complaints and all the repossessions collected, WOW!

these people have to be trillion-ares!

I get a threaten letter that these people can file a tax form to collect money, Why? Do I have rights that is I can not pay my debt and choose to live with bad credit and can not get no loans, I have to continue to work two and three jobs until death just to keep something to live in. This company does not have no respect for people who have has family problems. Yes, to all the above complaints I agree these people are rude, cruel, rip-offs, and need to be put out of business.

Top it all off my auto was wrecked and they have taken it somewhere and who knows got money from it and still think I have to pay them more. WHAT HAVE TO PAY FOR COMPLAINT NOW THIS IS ***!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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