Three months prior to what would have been my payoff on a ford explorer, I was in constant contact with ms.Sandy Rose. Ms rose told me that after i made the last schedule payment, i could ask for a loan maturation,(the company would allow me to make payments until the balance is paid.) Ms rose told me that I would still have a balance after my last payment.( due to deferement).

I was instructed to call customer service and ask for a loan maturation after I made the July payment. (Incidentally ms.rose's phone number no longer exist), and of course no one in the company knew her). Made the payment and tried to contact ms.rose, to no avail. Got however many foreigners who proceeded to tell me that i had 2 weeks to pay the entire balance, and that there were no such thing as a loan maturation.I was also informed that my loan account number had been changed due to some internal restructuring?

John paul recentally told me to continue making the regular monthly payments and not to worry (that was this morning) 4 hours later mary told me that the full amount was due. I asked to speak to a manager and Marinel told me to call back in three days to see if the system had the correct information. only then will she be able to give me a correct answer.

Companies that refuse to give the correct names of employees and their phone numbers gets a big F. THEY F-A-I-L AND I GOT F***!

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I've been trying to get the payoff for my auto loan for 2 days now. They say they'll call back with the amount in 3 hours, but after 5 phone calls and hours waiting they've never called back.


I just got a call from them. I had to check "who called", because I don't answer if I don't know who they are. I did not finance from these guys. I don't know who they are; never heard of them until I checked.

My pay day date has changed by 2 weeks, so there's has to too, but they start calling when the payment is 24 hours past the date, even though they told me I have TWO WEEKS leeway!!!!!!

I don't owe that much and have never been officially late.

All bill collectors will go to a special place in ***, where the phone rings constantly.


They are the worst of the worst. I have had my car since 2004 and I still owe 10,000 on it.

Plus its the first company that i came across that you can not refinance. I hate it .

And you tell them that you are on unemployment and they still charge you a late fee. And they do have the very worst customer service that I have came across period.


I am so sick of this company and can't believe that this is continuing to happen in this country. I too can't get anything resolved.

I call them and get people from the Phillippines who can't even understand you!!! Very annoying and frustrating. I have purchased my car in 2005 and still have a balance of $19,000 plus. How can this be?

Why are companies allowed to continue in this deceptive practice!!

If anyone knows, how to handle please let me know.

I guess I will have to find a lawyer and settle it that way.


this company is a joke, i had 6payments left now they sold my note and i now have 18 all of a sudden, i told them they can have their car back before i pay them 7yrs for a car.


This company has the worse services, very unprofessional and unfriendly. I don’t really know why this company exist if they don’t really do anything for the consumer.

Nuvell Financial is not a good choice when financing a vehicle. They don’t Refinance or Modify your loan to a lower premium. I’ve them for two years and still fighting with their services about high premium, I called them to see if I could refinance or modify my loan, but they say NO. That they don’t offer or have any of those services, so I told them that I’m currently working fewer hours and was unable to keep up with my payments, but they don’t care all they what is your money and they cannot do anything for you.

So, Please stay ALERT!!!!! Don’t ever go with Nuvell Financial to finance a vehicle






I get the harrasing phone calls too. Numerous times a day.

I've tried calling back Angel at ext 89069 and was told that ext. doesnt exist. *** all I want to do is make a payment. At this point I hate this company and hope no one else has to deal with them.

Most all there representatives are rude and mean. I hope to get rid of my car soon just to get away from there harrasement.


I have been paying this "company" since 2003 always on time and according to them an outstanding customer. A few months ago I had major surgery and called to see if I could get an extension until I was able to get back to work.

No problem a 2 month extension was granted. HAHA.....3 days ago some woman from collections called and said if I did not come up with those two months that day she was going to put it out for repo. I told her about the arrangement, gave her a confirmation number from that call and she informed me that they had the right to call in that extension at any time. I am so close to payoff and they start playing games.

I have seen strangers in the parking lot at work checking to see if the car is there. I came up with the payment and the extension she gave me to call back tells me the number has been changed and takes me to another 888 number and they tell me I'm calling the wrong department. I'd like to tell them where they can shove this car.

The worst part is my tax money helped bail out GMAC. From now on I buy foreign.


This company sucks I have had so many problems with them and continue to have them as of right now!!! i can't even log on online to pay my bill and then i get like 10 call a day from them!

Then when you want to speak with customer service (which is located in the Philippines) they can even speak or understand english! :(

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